This week – Spring Term ’14

East Meets West, African Dinner Party!  Join us on Friday for Kenyan & Ghanaian food, music, and 2 students’ stories of encountering Jesus in American and African culture.

  • Time & Location: 6pm at the Judson House, 168 Lloyd Ave, map on our Facebook page
  • What to bring: Yourself and your friends and your appetite!
  • How can I help?:  If you’d like to help with cooking, setup and cleanup, email us at
Women’s Dinner in the Blue Room Wednesday, 2/13 @ 6pm in the Blue Room.  Look for Sam; bring or buy food with cash or points.  If you’re not sure who to look for, Email Sam: Mary underscore English at  The discussion question of the week is, “What makes a community?”

Boston Trip, Saturday 2/16 A group of us will jump on the train up to Boston this weekend to enjoy Hot Pot & Karaoke in Chinatown. Get away from campus and explore a special part of Boston while you have the chance.  Reply to this email to let us know you’re coming!

Spring Break Plans?  Join us!:

Wondering about ways to ensure your summer is fun, meaningful, spiritually invigorating or deeply motivating?  Check out Summer Projects opportunities.


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